Scanning for a new, relaxing waterscape to be the focal point of your patio? Here at CL (Constructions Logic) Company Landscaping and Design, we are a leading Maryland waterscape constructor who builds gorgeous waterscapes for customers all throughout Maryland. Whether you’d like a babbling brook through an organized garden, or a permanent, heated bird bath on your deck, we can help!


Comprehensive Design

The dedication to creating a new water feature in your yard is no simple decision. Here at CL (Constructions Logic) Landscaping and Design, we will guarantee your new feature is not only expertly placed, but complements the style and texture of your yard. Our approach to Maryland waterscape design is to discuss your imagination for your new waterfall or fountain and come up with imaginative solutions which meet your needs within the space allowed.



Multiple Waterscape Design Choices

We’ve worked with every sort of waterscape from the smallest fountain installation to a full waterscape with various ponds and waterfalls. We have experience with designing and installing a variety of waterscapes including:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Water Plants
  • Water Gardens
  • Garden Pools
  • Streams
  • Small to Large Ponds
  • Fish and Koi Ponds


A Local, Trusted Waterscapes Contractor

We’re a locally held and operated Maryland business. In fact, our clients are practically our neighbors and community, and we run them as such. That’s why we manage your space like we would treat our mother’s. We give over 100% to every job we finish, go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, and leave our worksite safe and clear. CL (Constructions Logic) Company provides services to homeowners and companies in Prince George’s County, DC area and surrounding counties in Maryland.


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