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Installing a new bathroom means installing new plumbing. It’s best to locate your new bathroom near existing plumbing. Otherwise, the cost of running new lines to your bathroom can dominate your budget. Sewer lines must have a specific grade to ensure drainage to the city lines, and certain lines have to be of a specified diameter to accommodate a certain volume of that drainage.

It’s for these reasons and considerations that licensed contractors should be called in to add plumbing. Not only can contractors be reasonably expected to install new plumbing according to local and state codes, they should also be able to obtain the necessary permits. This also gives you a means of legal recourse if the job is done incorrectly.

Average Cost: The cost of plumbing a new bathroom depends on many factors, including the purpose of the bathroom (guest, kids, master bath, etc.), the layout of the existing plumbing, the location of existing plumbing features such as the clean-out, and what sort of foundation you have.

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