Retaining Wall



Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a difficult hardscape in a never-ending battle against gravity. For the wall to control, it’s best to rise with a strong foundation by choosing the premier Maryland retaining wall contractor, CL Company. We know the best ways and use only the highest class products ensuring the safety and structural soundness of your new retaining wall.


Create New, Flat, Living Space

As flat home designs become increasingly rare, the need for retaining walls to create more livable outdoor space has expanded. A retaining wall can help you to obtain more livable outdoor space in a variety of applications. From a wider driveway to a new outdoor kitchen built into a hill. As the top retaining wall contractor in Maryland, CL Company can help you with:

  • Retaining Walls, Garden Walls
  • Courtyard Walls, Large-scale retaining walls




Safety Begins with Experience

We see it all the time. A retaining wall constructed by someone without the proper experience which leans one way or sinks in another. Retaining walls are severe business, even a wall as tall as your trunk can hold back up to ten tons of soil. Simply put, your new retaining wall requires being installed correctly otherwise you put your family at risk every time they pass near it. Work with an experienced Maryland retaining wall contractor and put your mind at peace.


A Wall to Fit Your Space

Retaining walls comes in many various shapes, sizes, and elements. Work with CL Company that has a portfolio of gorgeous designs, so you know your finished product will accurately complement your existing house and hardscapes. Here at CL Company we specialize in the association between hardscapes and landscapes and are specialists in either field. We serve with a variety of materials and can assist you to select the right one to acquire your house:

  • Timber, Stone, Brick
  • Cinder block, Interlocking Concrete block


Your Maryland Retaining Wall Contractor at CL Company

We have served Maryland for many years with a variety of hardscapes and outdoor construction enhancements. This is our field of expertise, and we’d like to share our experience with you. As a locally-owned, and operated Maryland retaining wall company, we offer honest pricing for our local Marylanders, and the money you spend with us goes back into your community! Here at CL (Constructions Logic) Company serve Maryland homeowners and businesses in  Prince George’s County, DC area.


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