Lighting Fixtures

Installing a new electrical fixture can be a great way to upgrade your home. You get the freedom and flexibility to choose the style, placement, and type of fixture while leaving the hard work to us

Replacing or Renewing Your Electrical Panel
Older homes are known for having electrical panels that are outdated and often out of code. Whether you are flipping an old house or need an upgrade, finding the right professional is essential. The minimum requirement for an electric breaker panel is 100 amps. Panels come in 100, 150, 200, and 400-amp capacities.
Old panels, especially those with the glass fuses, are prone to tripping and can pose a fire hazard. Remember to choose a panel that exceeds your electricity needs so you won’t tax your system, which can cause outages, or worse, a fire. We can advise you on whether your panel can be upgraded or needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that older fuse boxes cannot be upgraded and must be replaced.

Install or Replace an Electrical Outlet, Install and Repair Fans
There are many different types of fans in your home, some you may not even know you have. Each fan serves the purpose of moving air to cool you down, or to remove moisture from your home. These fans are all very important in your home and can prevent mold and other issues.