Get the gorgeous landscape you’ve always wanted. Something lasting and with real character. As a top Maryland landscaping company, CL Landscaping and Design advises amazing landscape ideas at a fair and honest rate. We have the knowledge and consideration to detail necessary to improve your yard.

As a local, Maryland, DC area landscaping company, we serve homeowners and businesses in PG, Montgomery, and DC area

A Gorgeous Design that Matches Your Place

Creating an impressive landscape is much more than picking beautiful plants. With hundreds of plant diversity available for Maryland homeowners, the trick is finding which combination of plants work great together, and with your home. Our years of experience and training as a top Maryland landscaping company means we can design the perfect landscape to complement your garden, home’s exterior, maintenance needs, and style preferences.


Big Picture Approach

From the value of sunlight to how well the soil drains, each variety of plant has unique needs. Here at CL Landscaping and Design, we have years of experience serving specifically in Maryland. This awards us unique insight and understanding of the soil conditions in our state as well as the best kind of plants for whatever type of landscape you desire. Some of the more popular variety of garden types we’ve worked with include:

  • Native Landscaping, Native Maryland Plant Beds
  • Vegetable Garden Beds
  • Rain Gardens
  • Winter Landscapes
  • Drought-tolerant Landscapes
  • Shade Gardens, And more!

Have Your Design? We Can Still Help!

Often enough we have clients come to us with an already existing design. They need planting help. Here at CL Landscaping and Design, no job is too big or too small. And our experienced staff will ensure your landscape beds are planted correctly and in a timely fashion.


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