Garage Doors

Automatic doors are much more common now because of their push-button convenience. They generally add value to your home. The material you choose for your door wood, steel, composite or vinyl, also will affect both the purchase price and the maintenance needed. Size and thickness also play a big part on the cost.

Garage Cabinetry and Shelving

Many people use their old kitchen cabinets in their garages after they remodel, and if you go that route, you may want to consider that kitchen cabinets might not have built-in locks. Locks are necessary for keeping dangerous workshop tools, chemicals, or other items away from kids. Of course, it’s fairly easy to install a few locks on doors to solve this problem. You also want to make sure that we clean well and is grease and oil resistant. If you want to utilize old cabinets, we can help you prepare them.

Garage Flooring

Whether you want to refinish your concrete or add an easy to clean epoxy system, there are many options for your garage flooring needs. Again, knowing exactly what you want your garage used for will really help dictate the type of flooring you need. There are alternatives out there that are easy to clean with just a quick spray of the hose, which will keep your space looking clean and new. Applications can come in a tile format or can be painted over your existing flooring. Talk to us and will help about the type that’s right for you.