Electrical and Wiring

Electrical Repair

Do you have a broken outlet, a breaker that keeps tripping, or Cut Wiring?


Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with any problem that may arise.


If you have outdated panel, a breaker that trips continuously, an electrical outlet is not working, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors is not working properly, looking to add indoor and or landscape lighting, if you want added efficiency and comfort with ceiling fans

Does your breaker keep tripping?

Tripped breakers happen to everyone. Breakers are made to trip to protect your home from an overloaded circuit and circuit breaks. If you notice your breaker tripping frequently, you may have a larger electrical problem at hand. If you are applying more amperage than what your breaker can control, you probably need to have a breaker, or to modified or replace the switch with a particular amperage rating.

Reasons Behind a Tripping Breaker: Short Circuit, Circuit Overload, Ground Fault. The breaker is what supplies electricity to the home. It is designed to drop when the amperage rating exceeds the rate labeled on the breaker.


We have so much faith in our technicians and products that we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Does your panel require upgrading?

Unfortunately, circuit breaker panels don’t last permanently. In fact, proceeding to use an outdated panel can be very critical.


Circuit breaker panel is the core of home’s electrical operation. It controls the electricity reaching into a home while also sending power to each circuit within the house.

Outdated Panel signs: Malfunctioning Switches, Sparks or Burning odor, Flickering/Dimming Lights, Shocks in the Switches or Outlets, If you’ve observed any of the above indications, it is necessary to address the issue promptly as an old panel can be serious.

For the protection of your home, we suggest having your panel serviced regularly. By doing so, your panel can protect your home for many years.


Granted Surge Protection

Protect your whole home from high surges and spikes!

Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage traveling throughout your building’s electrical operation. Numerous homeowners are ignorant of the hundreds of power surges their home receives per day.

Unusual surges come from within your own home or office, such as switching on a vacuum cleaner, sending a document to your printer. Other waves come from outside your house, as in electric utility switching, downed power poles, cut power lines and lightning strikes. They can even enter through cable televisions and telephone wiring.

Why Does My Home Need A Surge Protection?

Almost every house in the area has expensive electronic devices and appliances such as TV’s, A/C Units, entertainment equipment, hot tubs, water heaters, refrigerators, computers. All devices and electronics listed need the use of your home’s electrical circuit boards.

If you need all of your expensive electrical devices and appliances protected, you need whole-home surge protection.