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Let all your plumbing problems drain away!
The sewers in your home can merely become clogged using food, hair, grease, and other objects that travel through your drain system. It’s important to address any clogs promptly so that your plumbing system doesn’t incur any further damage.

Have you used liquid drain cleaners and bent wire hangers only to find that a clog is getting worse, not better?
We’ve all been there before.

The water is still draining (kind of), and you’ve been putting off calling a plumber. Well, before you know it, your minor clog will turn into a major one and soon your sink or tub will not be able to drain at all. Sound familiar?

When clogs are minor, they can often be cleared away easily, but when they get backed up, you may have a problem with your main line. You can usually tell if you have a main line issue if water backs up in the bathtub or sinks when you are doing laundry or flushing the toilet. If this is happening, call Winstar Services immediately, and we’ll make sure your drains are clear of all debris and flowing freely again.

Our plumbers can unclog any pipe:
Kitchen, Bathroom Sink, Tubs, Toilets, Showers, Floor Drain and Sink, Laundry Drains, Roof Drains, Sewer Lines, Exterior Area Drains, Root Stoppages, Pool Drains, Grease Stoppages
No matter the hardness of a clog, CL has professional that will be the fastest and most effective solution, give us a call right now so we can cut through it and clean it out, we’ll also recommend products and provide you with advice on how to maintain your pipes clean and clear for the future.