Bath Remodeling

Have you been dreaming of remodeling your bathroom but can’t bear the thought of the steep price tag? Bath renovation can now be done at nearly half the price – and in just a fraction of the time! Bath Planet offers acrylic bath solutions that fit nearly any bathroom and are completely customized to suit any home’s style. Whether you are looking to install a new tub liner, replace your existing shower, or transform your old bathtub into a beautiful full-sized shower, our bath renovation services are perfect for you!

Bathroom Remodel Considerations
Second, with a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is the greatest home renovation you can make concerning return on investment (ROI). Though the ROI on a bathroom remodel modifies from year to year, the average return is 60 percent. (Some years it can climb to 85 percent, depending on market trends.)
As you might assume, you might focus on paint. Light, neutral colors make a small bathroom feel bigger. And if everything else is in good shape, a little new paint may be all you need. However, we can advise you may want to consider a few remodeling upgrades.

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